I. Believe. You.

Support and a Third Option for victims of sexual assault

Victims who visit the Chinook Regional Hospital after a sexual assault have historically been asked to choose one of two options:

Option 1:
Report the assault to police, complete a sexual assault kit right away, and then navigate the court system


Option 2:
Opt not to pursue charges and receive immediate medical treatment,
effectively washing away any evidence and their chances of pursuing charges at a later date.

Victims are asked to make this decision while they’re in shock and still terrorized by the assault. The YWCA Amethyst Project provides victims of sexual assault with another option. 

The YWCA Amethyst Project offers a Third Option

The Third Option offered by The YWCA Amethyst Project allows sexual assault victims to obtain a rape kit, have access to community services for recovery, and choose whether or not to pursue the matter within one year while evidence is preserved, allowing them to focus on their own immediate needs before facing all of the challenges that come with the legal process.

The YWCA Amethyst Project improves care for individuals affected by sexual violence by increasing their sense of control through decision-making and education – something that’s very important for the victim’s healing. The Project employs Sexual Assault Advocates who provide support that includes everything from remaining with victims as they have assault evidence collected and referrals for counselling and legal advice to just being there to listen and say

"I Believe You."

The level of staff involvement is dictated by the client, always focusing on giving victim control.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience a form of sexual violence in their lifetimes. 

The YWCA Amethyst Project is here to help.

Advocacy & Education

YWCA Amethyst Project staff are available for presentations to community stakeholders, high-risk groups and the general public regarding issues surrounding sexual violence, and they work in collaboration with the Sexual Violence Action Committee (SVAC) in the delivery of the third option in Lethbridge.


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