Complaints & Whistleblower Policy

YWCA Lethbridge and District is committed to serving the Southern Alberta community, and recognizes that from time to time there may be concerns regarding our programs and services. We welcome your feedback, concerns and complaints and will take time to respond to each one.

If you have a concern as a client of the YWCA, you will have received, at intake, a program handbook which outlines the grievance process that you are to use. If you have lost this handbook please call the YWCA and ask for the program that served you.  They will assist you with your grievance.

For all voting members, Health & Fitness members, general public, donors, and other stakeholders, please contact us regarding your concerns:  

  • Phone:  403-329-0088
  • Email:
  • Mail or in person:  604-8th Street South, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2K1
  • Fax:  403-327-9112
General complaints are to be addressed to Jennifer Lepko, CEO of YWCA Lethbridge & District.  Concerns for particular programs should be sent to the Manager of the program in question. 

If you feel that we have failed to perform as agreed upon, did not follow policy, volunteer or staff member has made an error or you were treated unfairly, in a discourteous manner by a YWCA representative we want to hear about it. Feedback helps us to change practice, address deficiencies and improve our programs and services.

When we receive a complaint you can expect . . . 

The complaint or concern will be taken seriously. We will listen to you, treat you respectfully and with courtesy. You will be informed within 15 business days (following receipt of the complaint) of the progress of the response to the complaint. Please note that if the complaint is asking for personal information on a client, we will ensure confidentiality for the client served at all times.

Complaints will be recorded and forwarded to the Board of Directors twice annually in order to maintain an ethical and transparent relationship with our leadership.

Complaints we cannot respond to . . . 

There are times when complaints are forwarded to the YWCA that may not be directly related to our operations. As we have limited resources as a charity, we may not be in a position to investigate or create any changes in these instances.

Further, we will not respond to complaints when:

  • The complaint has no direct connection to the YWCA
  • A person or group of people unreasonably targets an issue that has already been responded to
  • The complaint is abusive, prejudiced or offensive
  • The complaint is harassing an employee, volunteer, Board of Director or client
  • The complaint is illegible or incoherent
  • The complaint is part of a mass mailing or email to several organizations
The YWCA cannot respond to complaints made anonymously. The complaint will be investigated and if we find that improvements are required in our practice the information garnered from the investigation will be used.


For complaints of a serious ethical nature, please see our Complaints & Whistleblower policy, which is attached below.