Hestia Homes Program

YWCA Hestia Homes Program supports and empowers young adults who are homeless or have the potential of becoming homeless.  They learn how to focus on goals and gain skills so that they can successfully transition to independent living.

As a partner in the City of Lethbridge's Housing First Initiative, Hestia Homes meets the needs of young adults (18-24 years) through a range of flexible, experiential and individualized opportunities. The program is comprised of three houses - Avail CPA Sunrise House, Sunrise II, and Sunrise III, all located in Lethbridge.

An adult role model lives in each home to provide assistance and to be a mentor.

The Hestia Homes program is supported by Avail CPA (formerly YPM Accountants), Sunrise Rotary and the City of Lethbridge.

For more information, contact the Program Manager at 403-329-0088.

All referrals for Hestia Homes are received by:

Youth Hub
c/o 5th on 5th Services
435 - 5th Street South

NOTE: Youth who possess Child Welfare status are not eligible for this program.