YWCA Vision:  
To be a community leader committed to collaborative parnerships in the provision of accessible prevention, intervention and support programs and services for the enhancement of women's lives.

As per the YWCA Vision, partnerships are formed between YWCA Lethbridge and District and community organizations, businesses and individuals.  We would not be as strong without the support of our community partners.  There are opportunities for:
         ~ One-time Partnerships
         ~ Annual Partnerships
         ~ Program-Specific Partnerships
         ~ Service Delivery Partnerships

YWCA partnerships are recognized annually at our Christmas Open House event by adding leaves to our "Tree of Donors". The "Tree of Donors", located in the YWCA lobby, began in 1999 and reflects "Partners - Grow With Us".  A plaque on the tree acknowledges the following:  "We thank all the donors who contributed to the establishment of the roots in the first 50 years." 

Gift-in-kind donations are acknowledged as per value, documented with an invoice or receipt.

For more information about developing a partnership with YWCA, contact the Partnerships Manager at 403-329-0088 or e-mail