We accept practicum students at the YWCA Lethbridge.  This also includes Direct Field Studies, Applied Studies and some Service Learning courses.

However, the number we can accept is limited, so if you're a student interested in doing your practicum at YWCA, please inquire as soon as possible so that you can get your application process underway.

Students should apply a minimum of 3 months prior to practicum start date. Students should also put together a "practicum package".  The goal of this package is to have everything in place before you start.

The package should include:
  • your study requirements (hours, who needs to supervise them, tasks, etc.)
  • your resume WITH 3 references
  • criminal record check (within last six months)
  • intervention check (within last six months)
  • additional training certificates (first aid, suicide intervention, etc.)

For more information, or to apply, please contact Nancy at 403-329-0088 or